Logistics tech start-up Synple wins Accenture Innovation Award 2017

Jury of the prestigious Dutch innovation award expects the transport collaboration platform to have a significant impact on the world of transport and logistics.

October 30th, 2017, Amsterdam/Breda

The jury in the category of ‘Seamless Travel and Transport’ declared on friday's event that “Synple puts forward a strong innovation with impact on the world, based on a straightforward but groundbreaking logistics model.” Logistics tech start-up Synple has developed a collaboration platform for road freight companies. In the finals on friday's Accenture Innovation Award event, co-founder Roderick Rodenburg won the pitch-round.


In this year’s round, Accenture scouted over 770 innovations from Start-ups but also Corporate innovations. In the past 2 months, a jury of ten experts from the fields of travel, transport, logistics and innovation, have been scrutinizing over 130 innovations.  Synple made it to the finals, where together with 5 other innovative startups and corporates had to present themselves to the jury and a large public in a pitch round. After a pitch from each innovation, the jury and the crowd asked many questions about the business model, the future growth perspectives, and the differences to other successful innovative initiatives.


The jury represented the industry sectors of travel, transport, logistics and also had a number of experts in the field of innovation. Amongst others, the jury existed of Mattijs ten Brink (CEO Transavia and jury lead), Eric van den Dobbelsteen (director at Booking.com), Onno Benninga (Industry Director at Google), Martin Gussinklo (VP Fieldplanning and Engineering at FedEx Express), Liselotte de Maar (Global Travel lead at Accenture Strategy), Janine van der Meijs (CFO at Schiphol), Marco van Kalleveen, (COO at Leaseplan), Debby Woesthuis, (Division Director Bus at GVB Amsterdam).


The jury ruled that the points for ‘impact on the world’, ‘scalable business model’, ‘social innovation’ en ‘tech innovation’ scored high for Synple. Especially the straightforward and the well applicable model for horizontal collaboration in logistics is very promising, says Mattijs ten Brink, CEO Transavia, during the Award ceremony.


Roderick Rodenburg, co-founder at Synple: “This was a fantastic event with great innovations. Really nice to be a part of this event and of course we are super proud that we take this Award home. A great recognition of our innovation but especially our strong team!”


A voucher of 25.000€ of advisory services by Accenture is attached to the Award. “We want to use the voucher for our customers, transport companies, to further innovate the logistics sector”, says Machiel Resink, co-founder at Synple.




About Synple


De oprichters van Synple zijn in 2015 begonnen met conceptontwikkelingen voor logistieke samenwerking. Al gauw werd op basis van studies met verladers en vervoerders, de Topsector Logistiek en universiteiten duidelijk dat samenwerking tussen horizontale samenwerking tussen logistieke dienstverlening een enorme impact op duurzaamheid en CO2 reductie heeft. Sinds 2016 werkt Synple aan verschillende pilot-platforms om deze logistieke samenwerking verder te ontwikkelen. Hierbij komt zowel ontwikkeling van nieuwe samenwerkingsmodellen als wel ontwikkeling van technische oplossingen kijken.

Huidige status

In 2017 zijn er veel bekende maar ook veel kleinere transportbedrijven die elkaar vinden bij Synple. Synple is voor elke transporteur toegankelijk, maar de in 2017 ontwikkelde Synple Private Cloud zorgt ervoor dat je als transporteur alleen gegevens deelt met aangegeven vertrouwde partners. In 2017 zal het platform verder ontwikkeld worden samen met de reeds aangesloten transporteurs. Voor 2018 staat grote opschaling naar de breedte van de logistieke sector gepland.

Waarom Synple?

De naam "Synple" komt van synergie en eenvoud. Samenwerking is makkelijker gezegd dan gedaan, daarom focussen wij ons op de workflow van de gebruiker en helpen we om samenwerking leuk en overzichtelijk te houden.